Welcome to the ACT Office of Regulatory Services Public Searching. As you progress through the different parts of the Licence search form important advice and information will automatically appear in this space.

To conduct a search you must supply one or both of:
a) The Registration/Licence Number, Licensee Name or Trading Name.
b) The Registration/Licence Type, Address and Suburb to ensure an accurate search.
Licence Details
If you know the licence number of a particular licence that you would like to search for, then enter the number in the 'Licence Number' text box. You may also select the type and status of the licence(s) that you wish to search for.
Registration/Licence Number
To perform a Registration/Licence Number search please insert a relevant Registration/Licence Number.Please note that a registration/licence number should be 8 numbers in length for example 12345678.
Registration/Licence Type
Please select a Licence Type for a Licence Search to be performed.
The Address field is used to search on the trading premises of a licence. Please enter the details of the address for the licence that you are searching for.
The Suburb field is used to search on the physical trading premises of a licence. Please enter the details of the suburb for the licence that you are searching for. Please note that if the Suburb you enter has multiple postcodes, please select the relevant postcode on the popup screen by selecting the appropriate row.
Licensee Name
To perform a Licensee Name search please insert the name of the licensee for the licence search you wish to perform. Please note that a licensee name search should be in the format of First Name Surname for example John Smith or if searching on the name of an organisation Company Name for example XYZ Pty Ltd.
Licensee Details
Here you may enter details of a licensee that is on the licence(s) you are searching for. If the licensee is an organisation, then enter the organisation's name in the 'Surname / Organisation Name' box. Alternatively, if the licensee is an individual, then you may enter the surname and/or given name of the licensee in the appropriately named boxes.

Click on one of the links below for further information on that particular licensee type:
Premises Details
Enter the trading name and/or address of a premises to search for the licence(s) associated to that particular premises.
Trading Name
To perform a Trading Name search please insert the trading name for the licence search you wish to perform for example ABC Gym.
Description of Incident/Hazard
If you have any supporting documentation such as photographs, please ensure they are forwarded on to the relevant Toll Risk Department
Licences held by an Organisation.

Licences held by an individual.

Environmental/Dangerous Goods
If the Environmental/Dangerous Goods incident results in any other occurrence type please select the appropriate check box(s).

Near Miss
An incident that could have lead to unintended and/or unnecessary harm to a person, and/or a complaint, loss or damage.

Hazard/Potential Incident
A situation or task that has the potential to lead to an incident (harm, damage or loss), but hasn't yet.


Registration/Licence Type

Licence/Premises Details

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